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$15.00 a Session for 20 Sessions  (Only $300 for 20 sessions){Members& Non Members, Ends July 20,2018}     

$18.00 a Session for 8 Sessions   (Only $150.00 for 8 sessions)  Ends July 20, 2018  



personal-trainersOne-on-One Trainingpersonal training client

Individualized training from 1/2 hour to 1 hour sessions tailored for one specific individual. One-on-one allows for a dedicated workout environment in which the personal trainer and the client to work closely together on the performance of individual goals.personal-trainer

Pairs Training


This method of training involves 2 people or partners exercising side-by-side with one of our personal trainers. Usually, this provides a more driven workout setting for both participants striving to reach the same or individualized goals. Pairs training is also 1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions, and is at a reduced rate.i4538-icon-middle





  Group Personal Training


Larger groups of three or more persons train together in a circuit-style format. Group training can benefit everyone from the beginner to the most advanced participant. Training with more than one person guarantees a motivated environment for a fun and challenging workout. Boot Camps are a very popular form of group training!CODE_PINK_pics_145Athletic Training


This type of training is primarily for the athlete who may want to get bigger, faster or stronger at whatever sport he or she plays. Generally ages range from 9 through the college and professional ranks. These sessions may be 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and cover areas such as:

•Speed Development
•Weight Training
•Power lifting


Dedicated to helping people reach their goals

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